> A little bit about me. I have been an athlete my entire life. Ever since I could walk I could skate and yes I was born with a stick and puck in hand. I have played organized Hockey for over 20 years and still do to this day.
> I started playing golf in my last year of high school where I instantly fell in love with the game and the industry. I am in no way a scratch golfer or a professional golfer. I enjoy playing a round of golf with my friends and fellow members as often as I can. Knowing that I am not PGA tour material and the fact I enjoy talking with the members, I became interested in the management side of the industry.

> When I finished high school, I moved to Barrie-Ontario-Canada where I enrolled in the Georgian College Bachelor of Applied Business – Golf Management Program. This program is custom tailored to entering the golf industry with a business degree and relevant work experience. This program is a 4 year academic study with 3 paid work internships to be completed between study.
> In my first internship I worked at St. Andrews East Golf Club on the greens maintenance staff. This was an incredibly valuable experience as I gave me the hands on knowledge of the inner workings of the typical greens department. To this point in my life I had never taken any formal training for my golf swing.

> During the summer months of 2010 I signed up for 1/2 price video analysis with Kyle Freer at Bushwood Golf Club, now with the Golf Lab, where he showed my over the top and flat swing. I stuck with Kyle for the season and corrected a lot of my problems.
> In my second internship I worked at Riverstone Golf and Country Club in thePro Shop. From this internship I was given the opportunity to merchandise the Pro Shop, build my customer service skills and see what it takes to run a double shotgun with a wedding on the side.

> In my third and final internship I was a Clubhouse Intern at Thornhill Golf and Country Club. I worked in every aspect of the clubhouses including serving, busing, bar tending, internal marketing, catering, accounting, and management shadowing. This has been my favourite internship of the three as it really showed me a new side of the club which I had never full experienced previously in the greens or pro shop departments.

> Stemming from my third internship I was fortunate enough to be nominated for and win the Canadian Society of Club Managers Scholarship for students working in a private club while actively completing a post secondary education on the degree or diploma level. I was honoured at the annual presidents dinner at the Faculty Club of Toronto where I must say that I enjoyed my favourite meal of the 2011 year.

> I successfully completed my undergrad in April of 2012 and immediately took a personal trip to Florida and the Eastern Caribbean. I enjoyed 22 days abroad before returning home to Ontario to join the rat race as a Duty Manager at Thornhill Golf and Country Club. I spent two complete years at the club working all year round before making a move to Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club in 2014.

> In 2013 I picked up the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and it quickly became my sport of choice. I currently play all year round about 2 to 3 times a week. I love this sport for its true sense of community and the fundamentals that the sport is built on.

Labour Day Tournament - Wesley Offense

> In late 2014 I planned another trip abroad, this time to South East Asia, New Zealand, and Honolulu departing in January 2015. I anchored my trip around participating in 4 different Ultimate tournaments, each in a different country. The trip was a short 38 days for visiting 9 different countries with a stay as short as a layover for 2 hours in Taiwan.


> Over the coming years I hope to keep traveling, playing all different sports – all year round – all around the world, and to advance my career in the Club Industry as I aspire to become a Club General Manager one day.

> For a more professional overview of my portfolio please visit me at Linked In.


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