This tournament is worth the travel and all the associated costs. The level of play and the players involved bring a wide range of skill, talent, and stories to the table. I was fortunate enough to pick up with a squad mainly based out of Australia going by the name Sharkbait. The team had jerseys made up just for the tournament with a design that everyone loved. It was a pleasure to watch all of them layout and bid for any disc they thought they had a chance at. There were some ridiculous catches and monster bids throughout the weekend. Thank you to all on the Sharkbait squad for a great weekend.


A twist to this year’s action saw the host team Boracay Dragons not enter the championship bracket play. The 3 dragon squads played against the ‘A’ pool teams and showcase games against each other. That meant for the first time in a number of years, possibly ever, a team other than the Dragons would win the tournament. This year’s final was Bangarang vs Humiliswag. 2 squads from the east coast of the USA that both played a strong final before Bangarang emerged as the eventual winner.


Every night there was a party planned for everyone to attend. Thursday was the registration party at Casa Pillar where beer was free upon paying your outstanding team balance. That first night captains were walking around with wads of cash and it was like watching Miami Vice. The first party was a short one for me and I suspect for the majority of others as well. The Friday night party was held at Area 51 – Top Secret Bar. This venue was from what I can tell on the backside of the island in a carved out portion of bush. All liquor based drinks were free for the night and they didn’t run out. The bar was supposed to close at 3:30 AM but I doubt that happened because my 3 AM departure was from a bumping crowd not stopping anytime soon. The Saturday night party was the feature night. It started at Casa Pillar with free liquor before a local folk marching band showed up to the party. We then all got in a parade behind this group and walked to our main bar for the night at Summer Place. The dance floor and event bar was on the beach in front of the main bar. It was loud and busy til about 4 AM when the party moved inside the main bar to go on for another while. Sunday night was an unofficial gathering at Summer Place where it was BYOB from the local convenience store and lots of mingling between remaining teams who were still standing. Only a handful of frisbee players made it onto the dance party that the bar was hosting but it wasn’t anything compared to the night before.


Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this tournament happen. I know I enjoyed myself and will recommend it to others in the future.




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