My arrival in KL was just after lunch time via a mid-morning flight from Bangkok. I caught the high speed express train from the airport to the central train station in downtown. The ride was smooth, quick, and reasonably priced based on all the factors. I hopped off the express and got on a local line that dropped me only 500 meters from my hostel. Well, I took a wrong turn when I arrived at my street and I ended up about 1500 metes from where I needed to be. I blame it on the silly numbering system on the buildings and not an inability to count. The hostel, Back Home Hostel, was a smaller venue and was in good condition. It was an open air style venue with the showers, bathrooms, and all common areas open to the outside air which created an atmosphere that I quite enjoyed. There is nothing like singing to the birds and mosquitos while you shower. I checked in and was quickly back out on the streets as I only had two days on the ground in KL.


Kuala Lumpur is a city that many would know from the movie Entrapment where the plot line twists around a set of twin towers and a skybridge. This place is called the Petronas Towers and the number one reason I decided to visit KL so it was my first stop. Up on the 41st and 42nd level is the worlds highest two story bridge. Fun fact: the bridge isn’t attached to either tower. The bridge is in free floating suspension between the towers to prevent it from breaking while adding structural support to both towers in high winds. After visiting the Sky Bridge it was up to the observation deck on the 87th floor. This was a great vantage point of the city and gave a good overview of everything the city had to offer. Once I had completed my visit of the tower and grounds I headed to the local walking street to find something to eat. I sat down at a local vendor and enjoyed indian cuisine. My favourite part of this meal was watching the chef hand roll and bake the naan to order. At this point with a full belly I decided that it was time to meet some other travellers and unwind. I found my way to the local pub crawl hosted by a Dutchman who has been living in KL for about three years. I figured that this event would draw a crowd of about 10 to 15 participants but I was pleasantly surprised to see more than 50 individuals in attendance with even some locals joining in on the fun. We visited five bars over five hours and were treated to a drink at every bar. This is definitely the way to see the nightlife in KL and a great way to socialize with people from all over the globe.


The next morning I grabbed a train to head north of the city to visit the second reason for my visit to KL, the Batu Caves. A large natural cave formation that is over a million years old is home to largest Hindu shrine outside of India. The 42 metre tall gold statue of Murugan is hard to miss and a focal point of many photos including mine. What can get lost at this destination is the side cave that is an ecological preserve called “The Dark Caves”. This area requires a minimal entry fee and is worth every bit. You walk over two kilometres into the cave and experience complete darkness. Close your eyes and wave your had in front of your face and you will understand zero visibility. It was an incredible experience and a great way to beat the heat as the caves are cool with a nice breeze moving the air from one opening to the next. I caught the next train back into the city to visit the National Mosque. I previously had not been to a Mosque and it was definitely an educational experience. I took part in a free tour led by a volunteer with a rhetorical sense of humour. His good spirt and candid moments added flair to an otherwise routine tour of the grounds. Just as the tour was finishing it began to rain. 13 days into my trip I had not experienced a drop of rain or even an empty threat of moisture falling from the heavens. This surprise pinned me down for about 45 minutes before I could head out in search of dinner. Once the rain let up I grabbed the train down to the Brickfields (Little India) for a Tandoori styled dinner. My meal was nothing short of fantastic as the Tandoori chicken was
full of flavour and again the naan was freshly baked to order. I grabbed a couple of mango frozen treats on my way home and my trip in KL was komplete.


Two days is plenty to visit this city but beware that if you pass through on a Monday you will find many of the tourist sites are closed. And don’t forget to pack a garbage bag that can be turned into a raincoat at a moment’s notice.


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