One day is simply not enough to cover all the ground between these ancient temples but that was all the time I had in this city. All visitors require a pass to be in the temple region which can be purchased by day, three days, or week long increments. The temples all possess endless beauty and truly tell stories of years gone by. I spent the majority of my time at Angkor Wat, possibly the most famous temple in the region. It was ordered by the reigning king to built during the 1100s and the largest temple at the time honouring his ancestors. The temple was swallowed up by the jungle for hundreds of years with only locals knowing of its beauty until it was discovered by the French in 1907 deep in the Cambodian jungle. Restoration work has been on going for many years with many different foreign nations investing in preserving this temple and others across the region. I was able to visit only four temples and the Angkor Museum in town during my day. Although it was a short visit I am happy that I was able to stop and take in these brilliant structures. This is a place to come back and visit in the future with a few days to spare.

Angkor Wat



Tomb raider anyone?


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