+36 celsius / hours

Touched down in Phnom Phen (hit your ‘p’s hard folks) around noon local time and we were the only plane in town. It kind of reminded me of St. Lucia in the sense that it is only operational when a plane is coming or going. This small airport is working on expansion and there is room to speed up the visa process though it wasn’t needlessly long due to the low volume of patrons when I arrived. All in all a thirty minute process. I grabbed a ride into town, about forty minutes, and found my residence easily thanks to street view scoutting done before departure. I promptly dropped my pack in my locker under the bed, saddled my day pack with water and a shirt with sleeves, grabbed a map, and began exploring. Being the minority in the area I stood out so everywhere I went I was I having “tuk tuk” yelled and waved at me. First stop today was the National Museum. It was filled with a lot of sculptures from many of the temples across the nation dating from the 16th century forward. The translations of each description of the articles was helpful as there was no audio book at this museum and the personal guides were not available when I arrived. I spent about forty five minutes checking out the artifacts before grabbing an ice cream and heading over to the Royal Palace. I had to change into a shirt with sleeves to meet dress code before I was allowed to buy a ticket. I elected to take a guided tour, one on one, for ten USD to go at my own speed and enjoy the grounds. A beautiful space decked out in gold, silver, and silk. I was only allowed to take pictures of the outside of the buildings as photography was prohibited on the inside of the temples. I spent about an hour walking the grounds before deciding it was time to head home. I arrived back at the top banana right in the middle of happy hour, dollar draft, yes please. The bar at Top Banana is three stories up over looking the street out front and other business in the area. After a bit/cold ones I plotted a route to dinner, Indian cuisine. Dinner was delicious and everything I needed it to be for my first night in the city. Instead of walking straight home I decided to wander around the city and take in the night life. After that it I passed out from exhaustion in minutes. Many more adventures to come.

No pictures with this post atm as I am having internet upload issues.


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