The big day has arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. I woke up late as I always do and headed to the local rink for one last out skate. Another brisk Canadian morning greeted my stupid looking grin as I lapped the rink getting out the nervous energy that I surely would need get rid of before attempting to sleep on an airplane. Dust em off, pack em up, these skates likely won’t get another shot at daylight until next winter. I headed home for lunch and waited out the remaining hours by watching sportscentre on rerun. Five o’clock rolled around and we rolled out; Ma, pa, and sis all escorting me to the curb at the airport. Hugs, kisses, and wishes were exchanged and I hustled inside to check my bag. Skipping the boring details, I was able to get a window seat on the south side of the plane (score!), too bad the sun had already set but I was able to view the various cities across Canada based on the amout of night glow they gave off. It was pretty cool to look down at Vancouver and only see glowing puffy clouds, the opposite of what everyone on the ground sees. After touching down in Vancouver for a short layover the hunt for dinner was on. Due to my arrival time being well past the typical dinner hour I was able to grab a sandwich and have it toasted to emulate a warm “fresh” dinner. This was my first visit to the Vancouver Airport and I was pleasantly surprised with some of the theme features through out the airport. I had a fair walk from my arrival gate to my departure gate so there was lots for me to see. I was also stunned to find Caviar at the duty free. Check it out some of the snaps from my shaky handheld:

the last skate toronto terminal 1 really? lounge at vancouver the asia hub (that's my name for it) not your typical double decker


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