t-minus four days until departure from yyz. i first thought about taking this trip back in september after talking to a couple of teammates from my summer squad. it would seem that over half of our squad will be doing some form of international travel this year with a wide range of destinations across the globe. my jumping off point for my journey was being introduced to the boracay open via ultimate globe trotter. i figured if i am going to travel over 13,000 km for a game of ultimate i should probably tack on a couple of extra stops to make the adventure…. ultimate. so i found a hat tournament in wellington – new zealand that is scheduled the weekend after boracay. a teammate from toronto turned me onto a hat tournament in phnom phen – cambodia two weeks before boracay. at this point i was satisfied with the amount of frisbee to be played and the destinations involved. i would start in cambodia playing a hat tournament mid january, travel north to make a stop in siam reap to visit angkor wat, then move onto bangkok, kuala lumpur, singapore, and arrive in boracay for the open. i plan on spending a week on the island for the tournament before moving onto new zealand for a hat tournament in wellington. after that i will be traveling across the north island before departing out of auckland for honolulu and my final tournament, the kaimana klassic. as it would turn out kaimana wasn’t on my radar until i routed my flight home through honolulu to save on flight costs and thats how three tournaments quickly turned into four.

one of the considerations for my entire journey was how much to pack. first i read the baggage allowance on the smallest plane i would be taking, manila to caticlan, day eighteen of thirty nine. my ticket would only allow a single bag of seven kilograms under the initial cost. i opted for the additional baggage allowance of one checked bag weighing no more than ten kilograms but this would still mean i would need to be aware of my total baggage weight until i left caticlan. i initially thought i could stubbornly do the entire thrity nine day trip on ten kilograms stuffed in a single bag that would be allowed as carry on baggage on planes. it appears to have been a wise choice to go with the larger pack as i will need the space when i am in honolulu and plan to spend the entire seven days camping in national parks. the larger pack would also allow for room for new jerseys or discs or other items while not having to leave behind anything i started.

packing was something i dreaded due to the detail required to put everything that i might require into one bag on my back. i made myself a list and i just kept following it while adding to it as i thought about other items that i should take with me. in my past traveling experiences i have come accustomed to taking a set of clothes for each day of my trip with the longest journey being nine days without needing to wash any clothes. now that i know i will need to wash as i go i have opted for four days of clothes. i will wash my clothes as require which i can only assume be after every use based on the heat of the area. all of my apparel will be going in this handy toronto rush bag shown below.

rolled and foldedeverything in one bag

i will be taking a deuter 65+10 pack to carry on my thirty nine day journey. saying that out loud makes me feel like it is over kill especially since its half full right now and i am not sure what else i need to add at this point. i will also be taking a rei flash 18L pack for a field bag, to take with me on excursions, and as a carry on for my flights. frisbee for scale.

deuter 65+10rei flash pack 18L rei flash pack 18L - compressed for storage when not in use

i will do my best to journal my adventures along to way and i am sure i will have a couple flights along the way to catch up on missed entries so stay tuned.


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