Getting Your Philosophy Right

A workplace philosophy is different from a personal philosophy in more than one way. A personal philosophy can be developed and changed at your own pace. On the other hand, a workplace philosophy needs to change when productivity is low and changes need to be made. A philosophy is not rigid like rules, but more of a framework for success. A philosophy that is flexible motivates team members to adopt the philosophy and produce results. When team members have the autonomy to produce results using their own methods within the philosophy, they are more willing to go above and beyond the established standards.

If you find your business losing customers and sales, it may be time to change the philosophy. Changing the philosophy is the key to implementing permanent change. Changes that are implemented to help increase customers and sales will only have long lasting effects if your workplace philosophy matches the adopted changes. If your philosophy clashes with the established change, there will only be temporary success before old methods are followed and the sales slump returns.

Motivating staff members is a daily challenge across all businesses. The philosophy of the business is a great way to unite your team under a common vision and goal. This could be as simple as delivering the best product for the customer at the highest level of customer service. This philosophy encourages staff members learn about their customer’s wants and needs, and serve the customer with the utmost professionalism. This will encourage staff to deliver the best product for the customer while bringing in the sales for the business.

Philosophies need to be kept simple and straightforward. Philosophies that are complex and difficult to understand will only promote confusion in the workplace. This will limit your team’s ability to produce at the desired level. A complex philosophy will make implementing change difficult, as staff will each have a different interpretation of the philosophy and apply it in a different way. A workplace philosophy that is easily understood and created for a purpose will be a powerful tool for success.

Philosophy is an integral part of any business and should be understood by every staff member to ensure success for your business.


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