Encouraging Performance vs Encouraging Heart Disease

Meyer Friedman, the guy you have never heard of, was a curious cardiologist. He documented his patients and divided them into 2 groups, Type A or Type B. Type A’s are people who are always in a hurry, overall more stressed, and at a higher risk of being diagnosed with heart disease. Type B’s are the complete opposite as they tended to be less rushed and affected by the stresses of everyday life. Type B’s were just as ambitious as Type A’s and were diagnosed with heart disease dramatically less than Type A’s. I like to consider myself a laid back person that doesn’t let the stressors affect my health or everyday activities.

Daniel Pink has divided humans based on the their motivation, Type X or Type I. Type X stands for extrinsically motivated and I stands for intrinsically motivated. We exhibit specifically as one type the majority of the time and can sometime exhibit the other type. Type I individuals tend to perform better in the long run over Type X individuals. This is not to be confused with turning down a paycheck or refusing recognition as Type I do need this aspect as well.

The hardest part of building a workforce for your business is finding a Type I and keeping them working for you. Type I’s can be trained and Type X’s can be converted to Type I’s. Once money is no longer interference, Type I’s can thrive in your environment and perform up to their potential basis.

In my opinion, getting Type I’s onto a service team and keeping them there is the hardest job of all. Finding an individual that wants to deliver high quality service for near minimum wage is extremely difficult. In the real world, it is tough to get a business owner to pay enough to attract Type I individuals to your business. Training your staff to become Type I individuals can be done and it is a valuable practice.

No matter if you are trying to avoid heart disease or looking for the perfect employee, it all starts with understanding what motivates each of us. Remember to be calm, cool, and collected, as the stresses will disappear eventually and the financials will sort themselves out.


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